Are Your Expections of a Job/Resume Service Unrealistic
It is certainly amazing the misconceptions that many job seekers have about what a Resume Writer, Career/Job Counselor or other professionals, in this area, are able to provide clients.  Recently talking with a prospective client who has used, or more likely "tried" the services of several professional resume writing services, terminated each service after a period of weeks because the individual did not get "the job"!  This particular individual had fired each individual, and failed to pay for services rendered when the service was terminated.  Of course, this individual then found my service and expected the same unrealistic expectations, and was angry when I failed to accept the person as a new client.

It is difficult enough to make the public understand what is needed for a successful job search, from the resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, networking activities, and on and on, but to expect an above average, intelligent and learned individual to think that we can guarantee them a job is ludicrous.  Or, at least one would think so. 

As professionals within our industry we have worked hard to receive certifications, build a client base and a good reputation, so when this happens we shake our heads and go "what doesn't this person understand?" 

The greatest number of questions about what a professional offers and the services provided seem to always include the following:

1.  Why do you charge so much for something so simple?

2.  Can't I get a discount for reason a, b, c?

3.  How many resumes or cover letters etc will you guarantee?

4.  Will you guarantee me interviews?  How many times have we seen that as an
    advertisement by on line services?

5.  When will I get my first interview?

6.  Will you guarantee me a refund if I don't get a job?

And the list goes on an on and on.  I am sure that many prospective clients believe that we have ALL the answers and ALL the means to guarantee a client a new JOB!  Well to be truthful, honest, forthright, frank and candid, WE DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS, and anyone who tells you so is not being honest with you.

So what realistic expectations should any client have for service from a professional resume writer, job/career consultant?

1.   A quality cover letter service.  A professional will provide the client with a professionally designed cover letter that addresses the requirements of a job listing; promotes selected experiences briefly to meet the job requirements and express in a qualitative manner why an interview should be established.

2.  Relevant and professionally composed resume(s).  Resume writers have the specific knowledge and experience to show you in your best light to a prospective employer.  In many ways, one can relate this ability to that of a screen writer who has to get a specific point across on paper that will make producers want to examine the script more deeply.  Resume writers have learned their skills like those of becoming a teacher, a truck driver, a physician and so on.  Professionals in all fields must meet requirements to assist clients or they simply will not be successful as a business.

3.  Professionals provide a quality service.   Could you imagine going to a dentist to have your hair cut?  Would you go to a tailor to have your eyes checked for glasses?  Or, would you go to a dentist to have your teeth cleaned or cavities filled?  Would you go to an opthomologist to have your eyes examined?  Just as these professionals have specific skills from experience and training one expects to pay for that service, and one should expect for services rendered.  In addition, each of these professionals will charge you for services, and so should professionals in this field.

4.  Professional Resume Writers and Career/Job Consultants protect you as a client.  I have been asked how do you provide such protections, well that is simple.  As a business we provide our clients with a contract that spells out in plain English what work will be performed, what services will be rendered, and the cost of such services.  In addition, we protect our clients privacy and even what guarantees of services completed for you.  Think about what certain types of businesses offer as a contract or proposal;  something scribbled on a sheet of paper, business card or just a verbal statement. 

So you see, the professional resume writer, job/career consultant is just that a professional, with experience and training that provides a specialized service with everything spelled out before any work is initiated.

When to be concerned about a resume writer or job/career consultant

1.  You as a client are unable to acquire what services will be provided in writing that includes:
      .  All documents to be prepared
              .  Delivery date or expected date of finished materials
              .  A written contract spelling out all work to be provided and a what
                 cost to the client

2.   When you do not feel comfortable with the performance of the work completed by a professional.  However this is a subjective decision that you and your professional need to discuss prior to signing any agreement for work to be completed.

3.   When the hired professional fails to meet specifics for delivery of contracted work; ie resumes, cover letters etc.  This includes when a contract exists between you and a professional and the professional initiates tactics that continue to lengthen the time frame for the delivery of work.

4.   When you are not allowed a copy of the work completed as it should be specified in the work agreement.