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Strategic Planning for the Fifty Plus Job Search
Strategic Planning for the Fifty Plus Job Search - Part 1

When I initially began to discuss this process of Strategic Planning for the Fifty Plus Job Search and Career Development many individuals said that it was something only business uses.  Well in that definition those individuals are correct, however, Strategic Planning is now a primary focus for the Boomer generation when in the job search and determining any  direction is necessary for your career plans.

So why and how does Strategic Planning intersect with the job search process?  Let's take a quick look at what and why business use Strategic Planning.  

Although there are more reasons that organizations utilize strategic planning it is important for Fifty Plus job seekers to understand how this concept carries over into the job search and ones' career plans.

Under the standard methods utilized for the job search the job seeker is planning for finding that one job that matches their skills and experiences.  In addition, the job seeker is attempting to express to prospective employers how they will benefit an employer by accomplishing certain and definable results.

These methods are fine except they fail to take into consideration the following criteria for Boomers and X Gens and other workers.

Ask yourself these questions while you are in the job search.

In this brief introduction to the Strategic Planning for the Fifty Plus Job Seeker I want to give you some questions to think about.  In the next installation on this topic I will go into detail about how to develop a Strategic Plan for the Job Seeker.