About the Founder of CareerCrafts- M. B. Blacker
Mark is an experienced corporate manager with years of experience of "recuriting", sales and marketing management, team development and training. 

Throughout Mark's work experience he has built successful business teams and assisted associates with career development during times of downsizing and restructing.  His years of experience has provided him with knowledge of the job market challenges and how to utilize the transference of job skills to met todays needs. 

Over the last four years Mark's experience crosses over to working with over 300 "Boomer" job seekers as a facilitator and counselor for the job process. 

Mark has selected this niche, of the workforce, for the "Fifty Plus generations" who offers the corporate and non profit sector the richest set of skills available.

In addition, Mark has recently completed his new book entitled "Hire This Boomer"... that is available through Barnes & Nobles Online, Amazon.com and many indie bookstores across the nation. 

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