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No one source or expert has the answer to all the questions regarding the job search!  Realistically in the job search paradigm of today there is no one correct method, all methods are valid and any method that assists you in your job search is a successful method.

However there are general rules for todays job seekers and what works in the new job search paradigm.  These links and resources are offered to provide another source of information for you in your job search process.......
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AARP, formerly known as the American Association for Retire People, is a great site for more than just retirement or for the FIfty Plass Workers.  There is a wealth of information on employment laws, discrimination in the workplace etc, that may be able to assist you.  In addition, their web site on jobs though informative is not necessarily directed to the Boomer job seeker.
Links and Resources for the "FIfty Plus"
Job Seeker