Why Job Seekers Need a Career Coach in the COVID and "Gig" Economy Job Market
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Hiring a professional Resume writer for your job search is no longer the only resources you need for a successful job search,   The new world of find as job in the Pandemic world of COVID 19 and the ever growing presence of the "Gig" job market requires special skills, new methods and guidance that only a professional Career Coach can provide.  A Career Coach has been trained to aid the job seeker to manage these issues as well as many more.

There is nothing wrong with procuring a professional Resume writer who has the skills to assist you in developing an eye catching resume and cover letter for a hiring manager.  However, there are certain issues that a resume professional is not designed to do for a job seeker.  These include:

1.   Establishment of a detailed job search plan that is more than just the development of a good resume and cover letter or personal marketing portfolio,

2.   Establish your strengths and how to over come weaknesses for career positions that are within you job search category, and how to combine your past experiences with your job search desires.

3.   Development of a Professional Personal Brand, that cannot be done by simply writing a resume, with a good cover letter and excellent personal marketing portfolio.

4.   Development and utilization of marketing, via the internet, and other social media platforms to promote your skills and achievements, all designed to emphasize what you as a job candidate has to over over other candidates.  The development of a marketing plan that encompasses, the use of video presentations, blogs, and a well developed web presence not found in services many resume writers provide.  

5.   Develop from the combination of multiple use of social media, video presentations, blogging, twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms an in depth view of what you have to offer a company.

As I started there is nothing wrong with the acquisition of utilizing the services of a professional resume writer and many are also excellent and certified career coaches.  In the job market of today with COVID and the"Gig" economy a job seeker must utilize every skill and opportunity available.

I suggest that as a job seeker you examine what Career Coaches offer along with professional Resume writers and you may even determine you will benefit from both. 

Good luck in your job search and please contact this website if you have questions.