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Fifty Plus Job Seeker Informational Questionnaire
Privacy Notice:  The information provided here by you, in this questionnaire is and will be kept confidential. No list or individual names will be released for sale to mailing lists or other sources.  Your personal privacy is our primary interest and CareerCrafts will make every effort to secure your information. CareerCrafts will never ask for your private information such as your Social Security number or state driveres ID number.
Job Seeker Questionnaire
The information contained within this questionnaire is confidential and will not be sold or exchanged to other sources.  The objective of this questionnaire is to acquire the information for a survey on Boomer Job Seeker needs, and how to find the most relialbe methods to assist the Boomer in the job acquistion process.  You may leave your name blank if you desire but please answer each question to the best of your ability.

As a thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire CareerCrafts will at NO OBLIGATION, review your resume for FREE, and you have no obligation to utilize CareerCrafts services, unless you should desire such assistance.  In addition, if you provide all information requested for this questionnaire CareerCrafts will offer any client who fully completes this questionnaire a 35% savings off our listed services through 12/31/2017.
Questionnaire Begins Here:
Name; (First)
Zip Code/Postal Code:
Country if other than US:
Contact Methods:    Home Telephone
Year of Birth:
Would you like to register for our enewsletter?
(email is required and we recommend you acquire a free email account from goggle or yahoo or other free email services to preserve your privacy.)
Would you like to assist CareerCrafts as a volunteer to assist with the enewsletter?
Are you currently employed? 
Type of employment:
Current job search status if you are employed or unemployed:
If you currently not working full time how long have you been working part time, or in the job search?
Have you worked during the
period of unemployment?
What area is your current career field?
Are you seeking a position in the same career field?
If you are planning to change your career path what field are you seeking?
(Please describe in detail what your career aspirations are and if you have also decided in a particular aspect of the field)
Have you attended any state sponsored, or private job search training?
Who provided the job search training?
Did you receive job retraining funds for courses or certifications to assist with your reemployment?
Did you complete the training?
What specialized training did you receive and what certification(s) did you receive?
How has this retraining or upgrade of skills assisted you in your job search?
Are you still searching in the field where you received the new training or certification?
If no, why not? Please describe in detail.
Is your resume providing you with at least one interview bi weekly?
What style(s) of resumes are you utilizing in your job search?
Are you using a templete for your resume?
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Do you utilize a Personal Marketing Portfolio in your job search/interview activities?
If you answered no, why?
Do you utilize a Personal Promotion Letter approach in your job search?
If you answered no, why?
When was your last interview?
What level of the interviewing process was this interview?
Where you confident with your interview outcome or results?
Did you do your required company research before your interview?
What are your greatest strengths to an employer?
How have you overcome your shortcomings in skill sets and any periods of unemployment for your resume and other Personal Marketing materials?
Have you ever completed a skills assessment?
Do you have a job search Mentor?
Do you attend a Job Club or Networking/Job Group?
Are there days when depression is present when you think of the job search and your job search results? 
YesNo, Not at this time
Yes, Please Contact MeNo, Not at this time
  0 - 3 months
  4 months - 6 months
  7 months - 1 yr
  12 months - 18 months
  longer than 18 months
YesNoIn the past 5 years
YesNoPreviously not at present
YesNoMost of the Time