"Fifty Plus Workers" and and the New Job Acquisition  Process........"All Jobs are Temporary and are Continuing in that Trend".

                                                          Updated 2/2/2019
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Your reading this short article becasue of one, of three reasons; one; you're already, in the job search and acquisition process; two; what does this mean all jobs are temporary, or finally third; you are interested in just acquiring information about work, in the furture.  Well first I am pleased that your are taking the few moments to read this information whether you are currently a Fifty Plus job seeker, an individual working full or part time, or want to stay above the curve".  Unfortunately this is only a short introduction to the topic at this time and a full version of the article will be placed shortly on this page.

So.....what does it mean that "all jobs are temporary and the trend continues?"  Simply stated our world today from Artificial Intelligence, economonic world variances and many other factors are going to have tremendous changes, in jobs period.  This is similar to what changed jobs in the last century and a half, such as the industrial revolution, population migration from rural to urban area and educational developments.  Technology will afftect jobs, and technology will include Artificial Intelligence, increases in  the use of "robotic workers" and changes within job descriptions of almost every job known today.  From engineer, lawyers, health care professionals, IT people, sales professionals and all levels of management are going to change and the they will change faster than ever before in history.

There have been publications by such respected authors including James Minyika, of the McKinsey Global Institute who published a recent studies entitled "Automation May Wipe out 1/3 of America's Workforce by 2030", and other publications which will be noted in the full version of this article. Howerver, many experts have made various inaccurate analysis, and short sighted analysis, of the data presented. I will discuss this later.

What I want to assure you inititially is first that ALL jobs will change inscope, structure and definition of work performed, within the next decade. Many "tiypes" of "jobs" will be affected and being prepared for these changes are vital to eonomoically survive personally.  Technology and social changes have already began to affect jobs in many countries along with the United States. 

This new work age of technology also referred to as the "digital age", as noted in Senator Ben Sasse book "THEM"....Why We Hate Each Other and How to Heal, delves into the changes within our society that is affected work as we know it. This is not an article on politics in any way. Our society is alread twenty to thirty years into the digital age and a "new normal" has developed for work and society and we are many years away from understanding how that alone will affect jobs and our society. 

Some experts in this new digital age of work predict we are as close, as four years away from becoming a "freelance" work society".  Some of these same experts predict that workers, most workers today and in the latest generations the Millenials and even the Gen Z, will be forced to combine several "projects" together as sources of employment rather than one single position as a permanent employee. 

All these changes are going to be awkward and challenging for "workers" in the upcoing years and for the Fifty Plus job seeker these challenges may be beyond comprehension until methods and understandings of work and societal changes are accepted and incorporated into life patterns.

I am preparing a more indepth article with those materials that the Fifty Plus workers will need to understand and operate through for successful job search.  Please review this page regularly for updates.