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The New Ressumes  7/2023
Your Marketing Portfolio

Your marketing portfolio is your credentials, of your work history.  These materials contain your resume, cover letters, acknowledgements, awards and other materials.  This is your own "product portfolio" about you
The New Networking Skills 
The "Art of Self Promotion"

The development of a "self brand" tells the story of   a      job candidates skills, work history, and your work  accomplishments.  Learning to develop your brand is vital..

The New Interview Skills -7/2023
How to Work a Job/Career Fair

Job Fairs and Career Fairs will always be around but will not be the method to find jobs.  How to work a Job Fair is still vital to your job search.....
Target Cover Letters - 7/2023
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Please Take a Few Moments and Complete the 50 Plus JOB SEEKER QUESTIONNAIRE 
​We offer FREE RESUME REVIEW, for completing the questionnaire and, A NO OBLIGATION FOR COMPLETING THE QUESTIONNAIRE.  Click anyware on these words to go to the page...Thank you.
Are Your Expectations About
a Job/Career Resume and
Marketing Service Unrealistic?

Who you select as a writer for your job search materials is important, do you know the proper and current way to prepare resumes, network,  cover letters, seek out information about a prospective employer?
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Important Mistakes by Fifty Plus Job Seekers, in the Job Search Updated 

There are several serious mistakes that the Fifty Plus workers make during their job search these mistakes are deadly for your search........
The Many Ways to Flunk a Job Interview - 7/2023
New Stress in the Job
Search Process -7/2023
Strategic Planning for the Job
Search...Yes, Strategic Planning! Part 1

Career development requires long term planning and a well
defined plan for your career management.  Business uses
a strategic planning so must job seekers.
More Articles and Information.
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                 September 2023

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The New  
Gig Job Economy 

The new "Gig" economy is projected to be the primary source for continued employment for the present and into the next decade.......

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this process.
Are You A Member of the  Fifty-Plus Workforce and Now 
Facing the Job Search Process......We Can Help!!!!!
Employment Opportunities
Fifty Plus Workers Job Acquisition Process 
for 2020
The Fifty Plus worker is vital for an organizations support. Fifty Plus employees offer skill sets and resources others have yet developed and resources necessary for success..........
Sample Cover Letters 

Sample Resumes 
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Coming September 2023....."Work Begins @ Fifty-Plus"
Certified Career Coach Expert Professional Level 1
Why you NEED a Career Coach in today's job search
New and Now Available 7/2/2020
Due to the Corona Virus/Covid 19 much time has been spent on assisting the Fifty Plus, in the job search directly.  We know these are difficult times so we offer on a limited basis the writing of resumes and coaching, for the Fifty Plus, on a gratis basis first come first serve.  Our resources are very limited but we believe in helping where we can.
Just call our office and leave a brief message and we will try to return your call as soon as possible. See Contact

"believe"...Dealing with Job Search Stress and Preparing for a Job Search in an Imperfect World.
"believe", is now on sale, on line at, Barns & Nobles on line and many other sources. This book assists the job seekers, of all generations to successfully deal with job search stress and acquiring a job during economic downtimes, the new gig economy, and the pandemic.  With over 11 million Americans out of work, in December 2020, and unemployment financial assistance programs ended, job seekers need all the assistance available. 

Available in paperback, and Kindle versions.
Now on sale!
Now on Sale!
Coming July 2023.....The "Art of the Interview" for the Fifty-Plus Job Seeker
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